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What are the main features of the fully automatic bottle blowing machine

1. The bottle blowing machine adopts the automatic conveying preform control method, which reduces the number of personnel, reduces the cost, improves the quality, and increases the profit for the enterprise.
2. The automatic blow molding machine adopts imported man-machine interface control program, with stable performance and simple operation.
3. The detection components are imported components, with high control precision and fast response speed.
4. The imported reverse osmosis is heated by an external beacon, with strong penetrating power and uniform heating. The width and height of the reflector can be adjusted, which is suitable for heating preforms of different structures.
5. With automatic alarm, automatic fault detection and judgment function.
6. Choose pneumatic components from Germany, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, with high sensitivity, fast switching speed, low failure rate, and safe and reliable long-distance travel.
7. Air circuit design: The action and blowing are divided into two parts to meet the needs of different air pressures for blowing and action, and realize high-pressure blowing products.
8. Unique mold clamping structure, strong mold clamping force, stable action, fast mold opening and closing speed, convenient mold installation and easy replacement.