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Fully automatic bottle blowing machine type

Fully automatic bottle blowing machine, mouth blow molding machine, special blow molding machine for soy sauce and vinegar plastic bottles, reciprocating plastic blow molding machine, one-step blow molding machine, semi-automatic blow molding machine, automatic blow molding machine, five gallon blow molding machine. If a blow molding machine company wants to make money, it must continue to introduce new products, increase productivity and meet customer demand. At the same time, quality assurance is also very important. If the variety of products is increased, the production efficiency will also be improved, but the quality is not good enough, which will seriously affect the development of the enterprise. Poor quality usually manifests itself in terms of stability and reliability. The appearance is backward, and it is not professional enough compared with foreign countries.

Basic knowledge of safe operation of plastic blow molding machine
(1) Before starting each shift, lubricating oil must be added to each movable part once. (manipulator, manipulator guide rail, mold opening and closing guide rail)
(2) Swing arms can be added every (3-4) days. The large and small chains of the heater can be used once a month. Always check whether the reducer of the main engine and the reducer of the heating machine are short of oil. Host bearings can be added every 3 months.
(3) Before production, check whether the moving parts are firm, whether the screws are loose and falling off, especially if there is a strong impact, whether the belt drive parts are abnormal.
(4) Check whether the high-pressure air source, low-pressure air source, power source and water source are normal.
(5) Check whether each emergency stop switch, safety door switch and protection device detection switch are normal.
(6) Check whether the heating head enters the embryo and whether the embryo drop works normally. If the embryo is not inserted into place, the nut of the embryo hold-down device can be adjusted.
(7) Check whether the lamp tube is damaged or broken. should be replaced in time.
(8) Check whether the pneumatic components are leaking and whether their movements are sensitive.
(9) Check whether the triple valve leaks abnormally, whether it is blocked and whether the water cup is too full.
(10) When the solenoid valve of the automatic blow molding machine is abnormal, it should be cleaned in time (every 3.5 million bottles).