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About Us

LONES Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

LONES Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Huangyan Zone, Taizhou City, focusing on PET bottle design, semi-automatic and full-automatic bottle blowing machines,  bottle mold manufacturing, pet preform, bottle cap molds etc as well as a series of product solutions; products are widely used In: mineral water, beverages, food, medicine, chemistry, reagents and other fields;

As always, the factory adheres to the concept of "Reputation priority, Service priority, Reliable quality", and manufactures bottle blowing machine with stable performance, low energy consumption, simple operation and durability to benefit every customer and provide customers with comprehensive technical support and services;

In more than ten years of business, the factory's equipment has been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America, North America, Australia, Africa and other countries, and at the same time, received customer satisfaction reviews.

Focus On Your Needs

LONES Plastic Machinery is obsessed with every detail of the machine and fast and efficient after-sales service; every machine will be responsible for it; every problem will be taken seriously; Every promise will be fulfilled; LONES Machinery helps customers generate economic benefits, which is our unremitting pursuit.

LONES Plastic Machinery

Focus on service and create value.

  • Business Scope

    LONES Machinery mainly deals in fully automatic blow molding machines,semi-auto blow molding machines, preform and blow molding molds, and blow molding machine auxiliary machines. The main machine parts are selected from internationally renowned brands such as Germany (FESTO), Japan (SMC), Taiwan (WAGE), South Korea and Switzerland
  • Technical Support

    Provide the best bottle blowing design plan according to the customer's product, and provide a complete mold design to ensure the perfect match between the bottle cap (injection mold) and the bottle body (bottle mold)
  • Customer Training

    LONES will provide detailed machine circuit diagrams, machine instructions and maintenance instructions.Recording operation video and auxiliary machine connection video for customers to understand the machine working principle.If necessary, we can dispatch technician to the customer's factory for training or welcome customers to visit our factory and learn technology

  • After-sales Service

    LONES has experienced blow molding machine engineering and technical personnel to provide timely, professional and efficient after-sales service. High-quality after-sales service is reflected in that when the machine fails, we will assist the customer and provide solutions through the phone or the Internet in the shortest time, and promptly arrange for technicians to come to repair if necessary
  • Talent Equipment

    The company uses high-precision CNC machine tools, professional quality inspectors and advanced inspection equipment, professional manufacturing and processing levels, and constantly practice optimizing processing technology and strictly improving the quality management system

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