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How to select a bottle blowing machine

With the continuous development of China's beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry, even in recent years, the bottle blowing machine has been developing by leaps and bounds. The traditional semi-automatic bottle blowing machine slowly cannot meet the needs of enterprises. Full-automatic bottle blowing machine has become the darling of the new era. Full-automatic bottle blowing machine can not only effectively improve the work efficiency and time, save the time of manual operation, and greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises, but China's full-automatic bottle blowing machine technology development is not mature enough, and the technical capabilities of full-automatic bottle blowing machine manufacturers are uneven, How to choose automatic bottle blowing machine?

(1) Output: according to the requirements of its own production output, select the machine with parameters of "one out of two, one out of four" and buy it according to the manufacturer's parameters. At present, the production of one out of two automatic bottle-blowing machines produced by bottle-blowing machine manufacturers with better technology on the market is 2500, the production of one out of four automatic bottle-blowing machines is 4500, the production of one out of six automatic bottle-blowing machines is 9000, and the production of one out of eight automatic bottle-blowing machines is 12000. The above output is the actual production output, not the theoretical output falsely reported.

(2) Stability: the stability of the equipment is very important. At present, the working time of the bottle blowing machine is longer, generally no less than 10 hours. The instability of the working equipment for a long time will affect the normal production of the enterprise.

(3) Hot filling or not: For hot filling drinks, the bottle blowing machine needs a heat-resistant bottle blowing machine, which has special treatment for bottles to prevent deformation during filling.

(4) Price: price is important, but I firmly believe that one thing, one price, one goods.

(5) After-sales service: It is inevitable that some problems will occur to the machine in operation. After-sales service is considerate, and the subsequent parts update ability is strong.

(6) Air source: Bottle blowers need to be used with air source because they are all pneumatic devices. The combination of air compressor and bottle blowing machine is very important. They should meet each other, so as to save insufficient air pressure or excessive waste of resources, which can not achieve the goal of maximizing the energy efficiency ratio and saving costs.