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How to develop the intellectualization of bottle blowing machine

With the increasing demand for plastic bottles in China, the bottle blowing machine industry has also emerged. In recent years, bottle blowing machine equipment has been more and more widely used in beverage, medical, cosmetics, food, chemical and other fields. At present, most of the bottle blowing machine enterprises in China are small and medium-sized enterprises, which lack technical strength and self-development ability. It is difficult to achieve technology-intensive large-scale production, and it is difficult to cope with the ever-changing market demand. With the advent of the era of intelligence and data, it is really necessary to expand the intelligence and data of the bottle-blower equipment to speed up the development of the bottle-blower industry in order to solve the above industrial difficulties.

At present, the level of China's bottle-blowing machine manufacturing industry is in a pyramid shape, with a large number of low-level production products at the bottom and few in the high-end product field. With the continuous emergence of emerging technologies, the bottle-blowing machine manufacturing industry needs the creation of innovative equipment, and the intelligent and data trend of bottle-blowing machine equipment is irresistible.
The intellectualization of the bottle-blower is to make the bottle-blower equipment complete the work more intelligently and efficiently, and reduce the investment of human resources; Let users get greater returns with less investment.

The data of the bottle blowing machine requires the manufacturer to collect and analyze the big data of the terminal to form big data. Through the analysis of the data, it will provide guidance for the future production of bottle blowers.

To develop the intelligence and data of bottle blowing machine equipment, it is required that the domestic bottle blowing machine industry establish a product quality index system that is compatible with international standards or industrial developed country standards, and implement it in the whole process of design, manufacturing, inspection, installation, commissioning, service, etc., implement license production for a large number of key products, and enterprises should strengthen quality awareness and quality management.