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What kind of mineral water blow molding machine should I choose

What kind of mineral water bottle blow molding machine is what everyone needs? For many people who have just entered or are about to enter the plastic bottle industry, a big problem is the purchase of bottle blowing machines. Before purchasing the bottle blowing machine equipment, there is a lot of knowledge about the bottle blowing machine that needs to be learned and understood. If you can’t look at the edge of the eye, you can place an order directly if you think the blow molding machine equipment looks good. Choose the appropriate configuration according to your specific needs.

Of course, the more expensive the blow molding machine is, the better it is. After all, you get what you pay for, but good things are not necessarily what you need. Excess performance of blow molding machine equipment is also a waste and there is no need for that. Moreover, many factors will be involved in the early consumption of blow molding machines. Only by finding the most suitable direction to maximize the use can the greatest benefits be generated.

If it is some large-scale beverage, mineral water or cosmetics manufacturers, due to the relatively large amount of packaging required, it is generally integrated with the filling of the product. This type of blow molding machine should be fully automatic, high-speed, and high-speed. High-quality blow molding machine, such blow molding machine equipment will not affect the production of other links in the early production process. Thereby affecting the production efficiency of the whole product.

And some small and medium-sized manufacturers can consider some semi-automatic, two-step blow molding machines. First, it can reduce the cost of marketing in the early stage. In addition, the production capacity consumed by this type of blow molding machine equipment is relatively low. , which is more in line with the actual situation of the manufacturer. Moreover, the plastic bottles produced by the blow molding machine are hollow products. Even the accumulation of a small amount of goods will put a lot of pressure on the storage.