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The steps of the blowing process

(1) The preforms are first sorted by the preform supply system and then transported to the preform heating furnace.

(2) When the preform heating furnace heats the preform, the bottle mouth is cooled while the preform rotates to make it evenly heated, and then the furnace fan blows the preform to make the inner and outer walls of the preform evenly heated .

(3) The heated preform is input into the blowing station by the preform conveying manipulator.

(4) After the preform enters the blowing mold, the pre-blowing air enters the preform to stretch the preform in a circumferential direction; when the stretching rod reaches the bottom of the mold (tenth position), the high-pressure gas enters the mold cavity to further stretch the preform, so that the preform is stretched further. The bottle wall is close to the mold wall.

(5) The high pressure gas is kept in the mold for a certain period of time, on the one hand, the internal stress caused by the stretching of the preform is eliminated. On the other hand, the bottle wall is close to the mold wall to improve the crystallinity of the bottle body plastic.

(6) After the high-pressure blowing is completed, the exhaust is started, and the high-pressure cooling gas is blown out from the hollow stretching rod to cool and shape the bottle wall. When demoulding, blow low-pressure air from the bottom mold for demoulding. If there is no air blowing out of the bottom mold, the bottle bottom will protrude and the bottle cannot be taken out.

(7) When the whole blowing process is over, the bottle conveying manipulator takes the bottle out of the mold and sends it to the air conveying line for conveying the bottle.