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Key control points of bottle blowing process

There are several key control points for the quality of the bottle blowing machine:
1. Set temperature of bottle embryo:
100-125 ℃, which is about 119 ℃ in practice. It refers to the temperature that the preform should reach before entering the mold after being heated in the oven, which is one of the key parameters affecting the heat resistance of the plastic bottle.
2. Embryo entry temperature:
90-110℃。 Only when this temperature is reached in the oven can the preform enter the oven.
3. Mold temperature:
The temperature of the bottle embryo entering the mold is 110-125 ℃, and the temperature of the mold itself is 140-160 ℃. Therefore, the bottle blank will absorb heat from the mold during bottle blowing, so the circulation flow and pressure of the mold temperature machine are crucial.
4. Bottle outlet temperature:
If the temperature is lower than 95 ℃, the heat resistance of the bottle body will be greatly affected. If the temperature is higher than 105 ℃, the bottle is easy to shrink and deform.
5. Bottle blowing pressure:
30-36bar. It refers to the pressure of bottle embryo when blow molding is completed.
6. Pre blowing pressure:
6-14 bar, which affects the distribution of plastic bottle materials. The pressure is high and there are many upper materials.
7. Pre blowing time:
0.10-0.2S, affecting the wall thickness and diameter of the plastic bottle shoulder.
8. Starting angle of pre blowing:
It affects the distribution of plastic bottle materials. The smaller the angle is, the earlier the pre blowing starts, and there are more materials on the upper part.
9. End angle of stretching:
280-310 degrees will affect the bottle molding. The larger the angle, the better the shaping effect.