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Why is the sealing of the automatic bottle blowing machine leaking

The blowing process of the automatic bottle blowing machine is a biaxial stretching process. In this process, the PET chain is biaxially extended, oriented and separated, which increases the mechanical properties of the bottle wall, improves the tensile, tensile and impact strength, and has good air tightness. Although stretching helps to improve strength, it should not be overstretched, and stretching should be controlled. The bottle blowing is stopped between the glass transition temperature and the crystallization temperature, which is normally controlled between 90 and 120 degrees. PET is expressed as a high elastic state in this range, and becomes a transparent bottle after rapid blowing, cooling and shaping.
What to do if there is air leakage in the seal during use? The following reasons are listed:
1. The pressure of the sealing cylinder is not enough. If the low-pressure sealing cylinder is selected, the low-pressure pressure can be kept below 8 kg, and the general water bottle is OK. However, it also depends on the high pressure blowing pressure. If the high pressure blowing pressure is too high, the sealing cylinder will be pressed down. If the high pressure pressure is too low, it can also be blown into a bottle to try to reduce the high pressure pressure, or if the high pressure pressure is too high, and the mold locking pressure is too small, it will open the mold, and will also cause the seal leakage, so the automatic mold locking pressure can be increased.
2. Check whether the sealing adhesive is damaged or aligned with the sealing position. If it deviates from the sealing position, it will leak.
3. Whether the sealing cylinder block or sealing element is damaged. If the sealing element is damaged, it can be directly reflected. Open the sealing cylinder solenoid valve to know.
4. Whether the solenoid valve of the sealing cylinder leaks or gets stuck or the exhaust is not smooth, which are also the reasons that affect the leakage of the sealing cylinder.
The automatic bottle blowing machine can be maintained frequently at ordinary times, and there will be much less air leakage. It is necessary to check whether the lubrication condition of the central lubrication system for each moving element is sufficient, check whether the safety door limit switch is in good condition and the trigger is normal. If the machine cannot be started normally, check whether the on-off valve of the main oil circuit and the feedback input of the valve core are triggered normally. If not, the machine cannot be started.