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What is the development trend of automatic high-end blow molding machines?

What is the development trend of automatic high-end blow molding machines?
In order to form its own advantages, the fully automatic high-end blow molding machine cannot do without the progress of production technology of related parts of the blow molding machine. For example: the progress of the localization technology of air compressors, compressors and other related parts and equipment, only the leading advantages and progress of these parts and equipment in the completely domestic technology can promote the progress of Wholesale fully automatic PET bottle machine Manufacturers the entire blow molding machine industry.
With the development of the domestic plastic bottle market, the plastic bottle blowing machine has also developed rapidly. It is widely used in beverages and medicines, as well as in the cosmetics and food industries, and has attracted more manufacturers to choose the blow molding machine to replace the previous production line. bottle tool.
Among many products, the multi-layer co-extrusion hollow blow molding machine is a very promising hollow blow molding machine. With the increasing proportion of multi-layer blow-molded high-barrier hollow products in the field of hollow products, multi-layer blow-molded products not only develop rapidly in the food packaging industry, but also in chemicals, cosmetics, medicine and health and other industries. Packaging is also growing rapidly. Therefore, the development of the blower stems from its excellent characteristics, and it will reach its peak here in the next few years.
However, with the wide application of automatic high-end blow molding machines, the requirements are also increasing. At present, the pharmaceutical industry has two urgent needs for blow molding equipment. One is that due to the continuous rise in the price of plastic raw materials, companies are always thinking about how to reduce packaging costs to maximize profits, so they need to use advanced blowing equipment to produce lighter bottles; Manufacturers must respond flexibly to the ever-shorter life cycles of Wholesale fully automatic PET bottle blowing machine Manufacturers medicines. These two urgent needs have created a big problem for bottle blowing equipment suppliers.
Therefore, in the subsequent development process, blow molding machine companies must face these problems head-on if they want to achieve long-term development. The industry must use its own advantages to seize the market, and then continue to strengthen technological innovation and establish a good brand image, thereby stabilizing the market.