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Precautions for the purchase of bottle blowing machine

The use of unqualified electrical products has great potential safety hazards. The following are some points for attention in selecting bottle blowing machines. The main reasons for unqualified products are: First, some enterprises of bottle blowing machines do not understand the safety and performance requirements in the standards, and the implementation is not in place. The hired electricians cannot understand the national electrical safety standards, and the person in charge of the enterprise lacks sufficient understanding of the serious consequences caused by unqualified electrical systems of bottle blowing machines; Second, in order to reduce costs, some enterprises have not set up qualified protection connection circuits and over-current protection devices in the bottle blowing machine products.

The working feature of the bottle blowing machine is that it works continuously for a long time under high temperature, and the electrical parts are easy to age, which will damage the insulation performance. If the electrical device is unqualified, the equipment operator will lose the next layer of security, and the consequences will be serious. The bottle blowing machine is characterized by continuous production, with high power, high reliability, low power consumption and low noise as the customer's indicators. Therefore, it is recommended to first consider the brand of bottle blowing machine with high selection, and pay attention to the brand of key parts configured, such as hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic valve, motor, etc., so that the quality and after-sales service of brand products can be guaranteed.

Then, understand the quality management level of the enterprise. For enterprises that have passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification and the European CE safety certification, the safety performance and technical performance of the bottle blowing machine are reliable.