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How to choose a PET blow molding machine

Mode of operation

Two-step method: Two-step fully automatic bottle blowing machine consists of two independent machines to complete the process of injection molding and heating blow molding. First, the material is heated and injected into the tube blank by the injection molding machine. In this link, the bottle head part of the tube blank, including the bottle mouth and the thread, are formed, and then the tube blank is manually transported, and the tube blank is heated and adjusted to the ideal temperature. The processing temperature is then sent to the blow molding machine for blow molding of the bottle body.

One-step method: The injection and blow molding process of the one-step bottle blowing machine can be completed by only one machine, without manual transfer, and according to the model, it can be further divided into three-station and two-station one-step bottle blowing machines. . The functions of the three stations are injection, blow molding, and bottle removal, respectively. The three stations can run at the same time, and the second station is short of the bottle removal cooling station.


Two-step method: The equipment is simple, the investment is small, and small enterprises with insufficient funds can choose to reduce the capital investment in the injection machinery by purchasing preforms. Strong flexibility, can be adjusted during the production process. The mold cost is low, and the type development is fast.

One-step method: high degree of automation, good effect of blown products, stable quality, uniform wall thickness and good barrier properties. The cost is low, which saves the cost of repeated heating, transportation, storage, etc., and also prevents the preform from increasing the water content due to improper storage and reducing the quality of the product. And the entire production process does not require manual contact, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, mostly three-station models.


Two-step method: the time of preform storage affects the quality of blowing, so the product identity is not well guaranteed, and the halfway transit storage link is susceptible to bacterial infection.

One-step method: The equipment investment is large, the molds are more complex, and the system configuration requirements are high, which is not suitable for the production of large-scale products.


1. Select the appropriate mold: According to the requirements of its own output value and the parameters of the manufacturer, select the most suitable production mold

2. Special needs treatment: For example, the production of bottles for filling hot drinks requires a heat-resistant blow molding machine, which has special treatment for the bottles to prevent accidents such as filling deformation.

3. Cost-effective: you get what you pay for, and choose the most favorable model for your own company's production.

4. Thoughtful after-sale service: Machinery manufacturers should have excellent after-sale service, strong ability to track and maintain products and update parts, and it is more guaranteed to select products produced by such manufacturers.

5. Quality certification: Have a certain understanding of the purchased machinery manufacturers, such as the production quality management level, whether it has passed the quality management system certification, enterprise scientific research strength and equipment technology content.